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Scott M. Hutchinson Bankruptcy Attorney Beaverton Oregon
Client Testimonials
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Jeffry H.
...Scott and his assistant, Pamela, made the process as comforting as possible, treating us with dignity. Our case was resolved with professionalism and went exactly as Scott outlined for us. If anyone finds themselves in a similar predicament, this is the law office to go to...
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Jack D.
Scott and Pam - Just a short note to say 'Thank you' and my appreciation to both of you for your excellent service that you have given me in working for the success of my bankruptcy case. I will be forever grateful for what you did for me.
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Don L.
I would recommend this firm. Scott was very patient with us and answered our questions to the letter. The bankruptcy went smoothly and we were able to continue our lives without calls from our creditors.
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Joanne B.
I was in serious debt due to medical issues. My monthly income did not cover my debt. I used credit cards to keep my payments current; a vicious cycle. I tried to negotiate interest rates with the companies. I checked into debt consolidation. I got nowhere. Interest increased. Although I made monthly payments on time...
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Angie B.
I had been drowning in debt and felt hopeless when I called Scott's office. From the first phone call, they were understanding, compassionate, and beyond helpful. I would never recommend another bankruptcy attorney. This office truly has the best staff ever!
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Diana L.
My situation before filing bankruptcy was that of complete hopelessness...Your professionalism and thoroughness in filing my bankruptcy was a godsend. And I was really impressed with Colleen, who assisted me during the process. I now feel that I have a fresh start and...
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Suzanne H.
Coming out of a 9 year relationship, I walked into Scott's office worried that my case was too complicated. Scott explained everything and put me at ease right away. Working with Colleen, the associate attorney, was a pleasure also. She was very organized and ...
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Don & Joan
Thank you both for handling our bankruptcy so well in 2015. You were both professional, courteous, PATIENT, informative, and very nice. It is a relief now to only have to pay our necessary bills and not have to keep trying to catch up.
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Kyleen K.
Scott was very thorough and knowledgeable, insuring all I's were dotted and T's crossed before my filing. He prepped me for my hearing, at which I felt confident and informed, making a potentially nerve-wracking experience much more comfortable...
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Jessie F.
I have known Scott Hutchinson for over 10 years. He is very professional for what he does. I hired Scott for another case before he became my Bankruptcy Attorney. I was really impressed with him. I had a very satisfying result. That's why I re-hired Scott...
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Jay M.
The decision to file bankruptcy alone was stressful on its own. You made working through the process simple, concise, and stress-free. Your expertise and thorough knowledge of the process helped a great deal with all the questions I had in filing for the very first time...
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Kathleen F.
From the minute I spoke with Scott on the phone until my bankruptcy was discharged, I felt I had an ethical and highly professional attorney who has a profound integrity for practicing law in a principled fashion.
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Ed M.
...I was very stressed each month trying to pay my debts. I had become completely overwhelmed with my finances. I needed help! Scott and his staff attorney are very knowledgeable and professional with dealing with their clients....
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Adam H.
My situation was: frustration, embarrassment, and desperation. Scott met with us and made our predicament understandable and tolerable. His professionalism and knowledge helped us navigate our problem...
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Luke F.
Scott and Colleen were very professional, patient, always there to help me through a very stressful time. They made the bankruptcy process less intimidating and ensured I had all the information I needed to make good decisions.
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Michael H.
My situation was very very bleak before I contacted your firm. The results I received from my case resolution enabled me to get a fresh start with my credit once again....
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Sheryl S.
When we met the staff and associate attorney at Scott M. Hutchinson's office, we were made to feel comfortable. We were walked through every step of the bankruptcy process, told about fees upfront, and given the opportunity to determine if this was the action we wanted to take....
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Fran P.
From my first consultation with Scott, he provided all my options openly and honestly. Scott and his office staff are very communicative with emails and phone calls. He provided hope and encouragement...
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Vicki M.
Before contacting Mr. Hutchinson I was drowning in debt and didn't have enough for food. I worked with Scott and his assistant Pamela it was an easy and painless process. Everyone was patient, kind and...
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Located in the 6-story CASCADE PLAZA WEST building (a white building with blue roof segments) in Beaverton near Hwy. 217, SW Canyon Rd., and Cedar Hills Blvd. The building is on the corner of SW Center St. and Hall St. Only three (3) blocks from the Beaverton Central Max train stop (Blue line), near the "Beaverton Round."

Parking is free. Handicap access ramps and elevators located at the ground floor entry.



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Reviews, Rating and Affiliations

Yelp Review Bankruptcy lawyer 5star
I must say Scott is they best to work with, he has gone way out of his way to help my wife and I with a chapter 7, he was amazing to work with, if you plan to file you must check with Scott first, he even has 2 locations, Scott would get 10 stars if it would let me rate that high.
- Rick T.

yelp 5star
We hired Mr. Hutchinson in early 2011 to represent us in filing for bankruptcy. I had interviewed two other attorneys in Portland prior to selecting him. Mr. Hutchinson is a very professional and knowledgeable attorney. The filing process went very smoothly for and we were discharged successfully. We are very happy that we found him.- Jody H.

Bankruptcy Lawyers near me
My Experience
No one wants to be in the position to have to file for bankruptcy. It's humiliating no matter what the circumstances. My experience with Mr. Hutchinson was excellent. I was made to feel like a person and not just another case. Not only was I filing for bankruptcy, to top it off my case was extremely difficult (which I am told is highly unusual) as I was right on the border between being able to file a 7 or 13. It created a lot of additional work and hassle for Mr. Hutchinson. Regardless of how frustrating that may have been, I was consistently treated with respect, patience and professionalism throughout the entire process. He went more than the extra mile for me. If you find you are in a position to file bankruptcy I would strongly suggest Mr. Hutchinson's services.

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